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Welcome to Science Fiction and WW2 Alternate History from Black Stripe

Welcome to Science Fiction and WW2 Alternate History from Black Stripe

Welcome to Science Fiction and WW2 Alternate History from Black StripeWelcome to Science Fiction and WW2 Alternate History from Black Stripe

Science Fiction

Black Stripe Series

Black Stripe - Trigger Guard is set in the 46th century amongst the 47 inhabited planets of the human galaxy after the Robot Wars. International Police detective Jay Steiger, a Black Stripe, finds himself investigating a murder suspect Morgan Vokai whose DNA matches a rape and murder crime scene. The problem is Jay and his Computer Assistant Tee both know  Morgan could not have committed the crime for a carver has reshaped her.  Someone is tampering with the galaxy's DNA database, and they don't why.


WW2 Alternate History Series


New Series: AAH - The Assassinaton of Adolf Hitler


The Assassination of Adolf Hitler Series can be many things to many people, historical fiction, alternate history, or science fiction.  No matter how you look at it, this World War 2 era narrative opens in June 1940  just after the Nazi Blitzkrieg has overrun France.  General Franz Halder, part of the German General Staff, is infuriated at Hitler, for considering a two-front war.  Then Halder's son-in-law is arrested by the Gestapo.  It is the last straw.  Halder heads to Lamath France to assassinate the Fuhrer.

The assassination of Hitler changes the pace of technological development, as well as the trajectory of the conflict.   In this science fiction work, WW2 technology advances more rapidly, from the design of panzers, U-boats, aircraft and rockets to the discovery of the Atom bomb.

What are the new priorities, and how do they affect the outcome of the war?  Can Germany pull out a victory, or will the Soviet Union dominate all of Europe?  Will Himmler's final solution proceed or will the Nazis go in a new direction?  Will the United States defeat Japan or will Hirohito find a way to bring the U.S. to the Peace Table?   Will Churchill avoid invasion this time or will England fall to the Nazi horde?  

What could possibly change with the simple act of assassinating the Germany Nazi Dictator?

....well actually everything!

The AAH Series provides an alternate look at world history due to the death of the Fuhrer.  It answers all of the above questions and much, much, more.


Current Series

Books finished in the Assassination of Adolf Hitler Series are:   

AAH Book 1 - New Allies

AAH Book 2 - A Global War Begins

AAH Book 3 - Invasion

AAH Book 4 - A New Age Dawns

AAH Book 5 - Rockets, Bombs and Deceit

AAH Book 6 - Assassination!

AAH Book 7 - The Old New Guard

AAH Book 8 - Realignment?

AAH Book 9 - Will Peace Never Come?

AAH Book 10 - An Inglorious Act

Books are still being edited and are not yet available for purchase.

You can check out a synopsis of the books on the tab AAH SERIES


Whats Next

Completion of the AAH series is on going.  Book 1 is in final editing stages and is out of Beta reading.   All 10 books have been compiled and I am back to editing Book 2, trying to get it in shape for Beta reading.

A new series called Black Stripe is in the works along with the novel To Keep the Land.

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